Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Web App is LIVE!

The Fifa 14 FUT Web App is up and running!

Fifa 14 Web App

Fifa 14 Web App

Click here to start Playing:

When you first start the Web App, you receive a free pack of players – you cannot discard these players for any coins so make sure you keep hold of them. You also get a packs if you have played Fifa Ultimate Team before, 3 years = 3 packs, 2 years = 2 packs, 1 year = 1 pack. You can discard these players, and I recommend that you do. You want to build up your pot of money to invest in cheap players. Just make sure that you don’t get rid of any good players!



Pretty much the same as last year, you can sell and buy players, kits, and consumables. Check your club and friends in the leaderboards. Manage your FUT team and substitute managers and players in and out.

There are some new additions that Fifa Fans will be very happy about..

  • Home / Away kits

Away kits can now be assigned to become a home kit, and vice versa with home kits. This means that you can now play with your favourite kits.

  • Chemistry Styles

Players now have “chemistry styles” which are modifiers that change the players attributes. The higher a player’s chemistry, the bigger effect the chemistry style has. There are 6 styles as you can see below.

chemistry styles fifa 14

chemistry styles fifa 14

  • Loyalty bonus

Players can receive an additional Chemistry bonus when they are loyal. To obtain Player Loyalty, a Player must be found in packs purchased from the store, or have played at least 10 games for your club. This icon will be green for Players who have a Loyalty Bonus being applied. Once a Player is Loyal, they will remain so for as long as you keep them in your Club.

Check Out EA’s guide on Chemistry here, It’s actually very useful!

In Conclusion:

The new FUT Web App is up, that’s good news! It is mostly the same as previous versions apart from a few new additions. This period of time is great for picking up bargains, so head across there and see what you can find. We here at UltimateFUT will be producing more articles about how to make coins on the Fifa 14 Web App, so stay posted by following us on Twitter. We will then keep you updated with the very latest Fifa 14 Ultimate Team news.


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