Team of the Year Fifa 14 FUT, Forwards

EA have released the Team of the Year and TOTY cards are now available in FUT

The last of the TOTY cards have just been released and they are probably going to be the most demanded too! We have had the goalkeeper, defenders and midfielders, so now its time for the forwards.

See the other TOTY Players:

DefendersMidfielders Forwards dark

FUT 14 TOTY Forwards:


9. Lionel Messi

97 PAC, 96 SHO, 92 PAS, 99 DRI, 52 DEF, 77 HEA1529907_10152176927114759_831630836_o

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

98 PAC, 97 SHO, 87 PAS, 98 DRI, 54 DEF, 92 HEA1048857_10152176927259759_1152013684_o

11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

82 PAC, 98 SHO, 88 PAS, 94 DRI, 58 DEF, 87 HEA1040667_10152176927044759_631168384_o

And that completes the TOTY! I think any of these 11 cards would make your team better but i certainly think the best was saved till last. Ronaldo TOTY looks an absolute handful.

See the other TOTY players:

DefendersMidfielders Forwards dark

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