Top 10 Fastest Players in Fifa 14 FUT

The Fastest 10 Players in Fifa 14 Ultimate Team

EA said that this year pace will not be so overpowered in Fifa 14. They also said that last year, and the year before, and the year before. You get the point; it always is, I’m betting that this year is no exception. One minute you’ll be passing through the middle, next minute Walcott will have stolen it and ran rings round your defenders. But… will it be Walcott? Is he still the fastest player in the game…?

10. Luciano Narsingh

Luciano narzoom

Luciano narzoom

Position: Right Wing (RW)
Nation: Holland
Club: PSV
League: Holland Eredivisie
Pace: 93
About: Narsingh is a very quick player, and has potential to make Holland’s first team. Unfortunately he has a nasty injury which ruled him out and set him back a lot. Nevertheless, he will be a beast in Fifa, just make sure that you don’t try to shoot with him!


9. Ryo Miyaichi

Ryo Miyaichi fastest fifa 14 player

Ryo fast

Position: Right Wing (RW)
Nation: Japan
Club: Arsenal
League: British Premier League
Pace: 94
About: Ryo is super fast, he proved that for club and country, it’s unsurprising that he is in this top 10 list. Now that he is playing for Arsenal (he’s been on loan recently,) we are expecting big things. Imagine him and Walcott on either wing… ooh the sweat.

8. Luton Shelton

Luton speedton

Luton speedton

Position: Striker (ST)
Nation: Jamaica
Club: FC Volga Nizhniy Novgorod
League: Russian League
Pace: 94
About: Luton who? That’s right this guy is the 8th fastest player in Fifa 14. I’ve honestly never heard of him before, but since he is from Jamaica, it’s not surprising to hear that he’s super quick. Imagine if Bolt played football… if only.


7. Cedrick

'super fast' Cedrick

‘super fast’ Cedrick

Position: Left Wing (LW)
Nation: DR Congo
Club: Real Betis Balompié
League: Spanish Primera Division
Pace: 94
About: You know Cedrick, right, right…? Nope neither do I. I tried to youtube him but there was only 2 videos and both were no good. Anyway, expect him to appear in some sweaty Spanish league teams!


6. Dominic Oduru



Position: Striker (ST)
Nation: Ghana
Club: Columbus Crew
League: USA Major League Soccer
Pace: 94
About:  Oduru is a more familiar name to Fifa fans, you’ll recognise him as being that speedy MLS striker. Well guess what? He is speedy, super speedy. His work rates look awesome too – can’t wait to try him out.


5. Guillermo Rojas

Guillermo "why are you playing football" Rojas

Guillermo “why are you playing football” Rojas

Position: Left Wing (LW)
Nation: Mexico
Club: Atlante
League: Mexico Liga MX
Pace: 95
About: Someone on Futhead described Rojas as “Shit. But a very fast shit.” He is right, in Fifa 13 Rojas was awful, and that is when he was a silver card! He really cannot do anything, 1 star weak foot and 2 star skills sum him up really.


4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang



Position: Striker (ST)
Nation: Gabon
Club: Borussia Dortmund
League: Bundesliga
Pace: 85
About: This guy is so fast, and so good. He is the definition of sweaty. The 96 sprint speed and 82 finishing sum him up really. One of his traits is ‘tries to beat the offside trap.’ Tries? Nope, he doesn’t even need to try.

3. Jonathan Biabiany

Jonathan meepmeepiany

Jonathan meepmeepiany

Position: Right Wing (RW)
Nation: France
Club: Parma
League: Serie A
Pace: 96
About: We all know Biabiany from Fifa 14, unless he was on your team you were pretty scared at his pace. Well guess what… he is even better this year. With 96 pace, 85 dribbling and 80 crossing, he looks set to be the best winger in the Serie A, and a real threat as a wide player. Also, someone commented on how big his head is on the card, we found that funny.


2. Theo Walcott

The walk-nott

The walk-not

Position: Right Midfielder (RM)
Nation: England
Club: Arsenal
League: Barclays Premier League
Pace: 96
About: Yes you saw right, Theo Walcott is no longer Fifa’s fastest player. Funnily enough he has received a downgrade this year – despite having the best season of his career. Still, expect him to feature in almost every Premier League team due to his blistering pace and decent dribbling stat, great player to use.


1. Mathis Bolly

mathis bolly fastest fifa 14 player

Holly Bolly!

Position: Left Wing
Nation: Ivory Coast
Club: Fortuna Düsseldorf
League: Bundesliga Div 2
Pace: 97
About: That’s right, Bolly is so fast that EA couldn’t even get a picture of him!

So there we have it, the top 10 fastest players in Fifa 14 Ultimate Team. We have a new winner with Mathis Bolly who will undoubtably be featured in many sweaty pace team. One person noticed that you could connect Walcott and Bolly via Wilfred Bony, anyway, I shouldn’t be telling you that, it’s the last thing Fifa 14 needs.

Leave a comment now, who was missed out? Who shouldn’t be here? Which players will you be using?

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